Nowadays we can try hundreds of coffees from around the world, such as Arabica, Colombian, Turkish, Italian, and decaffeinated. Coffee provides a bitter flavor that our taste buds desire. Drink the highest-quality coffee you can obtain. One of the highest-quality brands available is Arabica. Try to buy 100% organic. It is also best to buy whole coffee beans and grind them just prior to use or buy small amounts of freshly ground coffee. If buying decaffeinated coffee, look for steam- or water-processed. Herbal coffees are also available. Some kinds contain no actual coffee. They tend to contain roasted soy, barley, or chicory, sometimes combined with other herbs and spices.

Coffee drinking has been linked to better energy and feel-good emotions. I associate myself with coffee lovers. When I can smell, taste, and relish the aroma of coffee, I feel uplifted and happy. I take my coffee black with a slice of lemon, and perk it up with a sprinkle of cardamom or cinnamon. I dream over coffee. I take five extra minutes to set my desired and positive intentions for a day. This is my secret for a better morning. I am truly ready for anything that comes my way. It sets me on the path to making healthy choices for the rest of the day. Sipping a delicious coffee in the morning is like a meditation or a wise and pleasant ritual for me. It is a great way to set the tone for the whole day.

A little coffee ritual in the morning is a pleasant event. It brings a rich coffee aroma wafting through the room. Getting a cheerful cup of coffee creates morning bliss. Sip your coffee your way for enjoyment. Stay lively and upbeat.