Fancy technology

“You affect the world by what you browse.” Tim Berners-Lee

Today we have an incredible amount of alluring technology. Much is going on in terms of that technology. It feeds us with a glut of information that is impossible to digest. Fancy technology is brilliant and very selfish at the same time. It is a huge burden mentally and physically. It consumes our time and drains our energy quickly without our noticing. I’m not anti-technology—far from it. I’m for using it wisely and beneficially. The energy of technology can be destructive when it’s used in excess, and it can be very rewarding when it’s used in balance. As for me, I try to be vigilant, and not let virtual reality override actual reality.

Learning about different issues can be very interesting and also tiring. Can I distinguish good information from misinformation or disinformation? Probably not. What I can do is ignore any negative and unimportant information and take notice of only good and valuable information. I can stay in my lane of goodness, and focus on my priorities, such as positivity, and learn useful and encouraging topics, which leads me to a better place. It is simple and enjoyable to follow what I like.

Spending hours in front of a computer is not my style, although I like Instagram, because it supports my love of taking beautiful photos. I share my passion for wellness on my website and blog, and I try to convey my joy for healthy and happy living. I share simple, practical tips about nutrition, exercise, gratitude, relaxation, and positivity—an inspiring and healthy lifestyle. I have a passion for everything involving wellness. I want to share my experience and knowledge with people, and help them shift their attention to excellent overall health. It’s a wonderful way to send positive vibes to other people and the world. I enjoy doing this, spreading cheer and positivity.

Sometimes I’ve been hypnotized by fancy technology. Too much of it makes me forget to eat, drink, and even clothe myself properly. The virtual world can be a mesmerizing place, as well as dangerous or terrifying. I rarely read the news, because it tries to sell negative ideas. I’m not interested. However, people around me are eager to tell me about the negative news of the day, so I’m informed. Some people find other people’s tragedies entertaining. I’m not interested in that either, although I have compassion for people. There are two sides to every topic. The media are a very important for us. They are a great source of information, but at the same time, they have some disadvantages.They can have a powerful effect on their audience. They take a negative story and dwell on it. They describe a terrifying event in great detail. A single message can even cause some people to panic. A big part of information is destructive. I’ve realized it takes my attention and energy in a completely wrong direction, because it’s all about scary stories and aggression. I don’t let the negativity lead my way. And also I don’t want to be a puppet and let the negativity be a puppeteer. I stay away from toxic influences, and try to keep my emotions  in balance. I believe that what I read and think is what I am. I prefer to indulge in my own life, live my story, be open-minded, rejoice in day-to-day reality, cherish positive information, and think about good news. All that is my style of steering away from bad influences. There’s more to life than participating in chaos.

I’m very grateful for the benefits of technology. I can learn about good things happening in my city and the world, what movies to watch, museums to visit, events to attend, places to go, and education to obtain. I’m very selective in what I watch, read, and listen to. I love watching the History, Discovery, and health channels. I also love listening to YouTube channels. I can find a wealth of good information there. It inspires, educates, and entertains me. I try to focus on the positive more because I truly believe in the power of positive thinking. It helps me find precious balance.

On the other hand, I have a lot of free time when I’m not browsing the Internet. I take technology-free weekends, and once or twice a week, I leave my phone in another room or leave it at home when I interact with nature or friends. I find various ways to balance, simplify, and of course enjoy my relationship with enticing technology.

Fancy technology forces me into an unnatural way of living, and I try to remember the exceptional beauty of nature, as well as warm conversations in person rather than online. It’s absolutely miraculous that we can communicate through the Internet and see each other. It’s fast, convenient, and breathtaking. As for me, I prefer less of the sophistication of technology and more of nature’s beauty and abundance.