Love your food

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.”   John Gunther

When we eat whole foods, our food is well balanced, and we tend to eat less. A diet based on fear, guilt, and deprivation can lead to binges. I choose to approach my food with love and appreciation. I have turned a dieting dilemma into my passion project of achieving a lifetime healthy eating style. I eat simply. I like simple meals; no complicated meals for me. If I eat complexly, bloat is on the way. I keep as much healthy food as possible in my kitchen cabinets and refrigerator at all times.

I try to keep up with my nutrition, and make healthy choices on a daily basis. No matter how busy my day is, I can watch what I eat. I don’t eat bread every day. I avoid bread, sugar, processed food, dairy products, white flour, red meat, and pork. If I eat meat, I opt for organic. 

I don’t skip breakfast. I love eating a delicious and filling morning meal. My favorite breakfast is a hearty bowl of cooked buckwheat or basmati brown rice, with ghee and cinnamon on top. It could also be wild rice, oat groats, quinoa, millet, or eggs.

I try to eat lunch before 2 p.m. It must be substantial too. My lunches are similar every day. I usually have a lot of vegetables, like sauteed broccoli, carrots, asparagus, or zucchini, and some fish, which is usually wild  Alaskan salmon, but sometimes I have sardines, halibut, cod, sole, chicken, or lamb instead. I start with an arugula or spinach salad with olive oil, lemon juice, and some seasonings. I make sure that I eat enough food during the day.

My dinner is light and simple, around 6 p.m. I usually have vegetable or lentil soup, or a mixed green salad with a small piece of dark bread. Some days I eat less than usual; just a glass of freshly squeezed carrot and apple juice can be right for my dinner. A 12-hour fast works for me. By fasting for 12 hours every night, between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m., I free my body from the burden of digestion.. Sometimes a day is busy, and I skip lunch, which I don’t like doing, but it happens. Even though I feel hungry in the evening when I skip lunch, I choose to eat something light, such as a few spoons of cooked brown rice wrapped in seaweed or steamed broccoli wrapped in seaweed, and a dash of Tamari sauce. That is why I am hungry for breakfast, which is my favorite meal of the day.

When I have fresh juice during the day, I don’t crave sweets. If I still want dessert, I have fresh figs or blueberries or dried apricots or dates, or nuts and seeds for a snack. I always listen to my body attentively. It guides me well.

I don’t take vitamins. All vitamins are made in the laboratory by chemists. For me, they are synthetic. I can get all the vitamins I need from my food. There is a high level of vitamin C in lemons and grapefruit. My everyday routine includes ginger tea, water, and a large glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit and lemon juice. These help me eat less, fill me up, and nourish me nicely.

When I work out in the morning I drink a heathy rice or pea protein powder smoothie afterward, with a handful of goji berries, a banana, some blueberries, flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, bee pollen, turmeric, and water. I like to personalize my food with different condiments, such as cinnamon, cardamom, and turmeric. This is another breakfast idea.

Better choices create better health. The food you choose plays a crucial role in how healthy and energetic you are. Recharge your energy wisely. Once you make some changes in nutrition, you start to enjoy natural food . As your body gets healthy, you begin to take pleasure in eating real food. You will feel better after one or two weeks of eating well nutritionally.