I’ve taken Leona’s Wellness Program for six months. It’s been a pleasant and beneficial experience. With her help, I developed good eating habits and improved my digestive issues using a food journal. I’ve enjoyed writing down the food I eat, and how I feel
afterward. It took me a few months to select the nutritious foods that work best for me.
Leona often says, “If you want to be healthy physically, take good care with what you
eat, and how you sleep and exercise. If you want to be healthy mentally and
emotionally, take good care with what you believe, think, and say.” After adjusting my
eating habits with the food journal, I decided to adjust my attitude too, and become
more positive, using a gratitude journal. Writing works well for me, and I want to
continue working toward my desired mental and physical health. Leona is warm and
considerate. Her suggestions are simple and useful, and I’ve incorporated them gladly
into my lifestyle.
Martha N., New York, 2020

My name is Catherine M, and I’ve been on Leona’s program for six months. It’s been a
great experience. Her unique and individual approach makes it a pleasure to be her
client. I’ve learned many things; the most important was how to eat well and incorporate
positive thinking into my life. Because of these two major things, I feel great. I’m happy
with my weight, and I feel more confident.
Now I know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle on my own. The most amazing thing is
that I can share these ideas with my family. Leona’s sessions are incredible. She
individualizes them for each person, and gives great encouragement. She’s very
attentive to detail. I’m grateful that I had the courage to change my eating habits and my
attitudes toward food and life. She’s the best health counselor—warm, sincere, discreet,
and extremely respectful. Leona is been the reason I changed my lifestyle.
Catherine M, New Jersey, 2019

My work with Leona Sokolova brought me major dietary improvement. She’s a talented,
experienced, well-educated person with an assured energy that’s comforting and
inspiring. I was sure I knew how to eat well and lead a healthy lifestyle. But Leona
opened totally new horizons, and encouraged me in directions I would never have
thought of. After meeting her, I regained my confidence, achieved my desired weight,
and greatly improved my complexion. My PMS symptoms are also milder. In general, I
have more energy, sleep better, and feel good again. Leona is not only a great health
counselor, she’s also a wonderful friend, eager to discuss any problems or hardships
arising in my daily life. Now I can maintain a healthy lifestyle on my own.
Laura S, New York, 2020

I’m very grateful that I met Leona. She takes her work very seriously. She prepares for
sessions very thoroughly, paying close attention to each client’s individual needs. For
example, she knows I’m not good at exercising, so she gently but persistently offers a
variety of physical activities such as yoga, Pilates, and aerobics. I’m thankful for her
patience and attention. I constantly feel her warm and kind presence in my life. I write
down questions and issues I’d like to discuss with her. Sometimes she unexpectedly
brings a list of books, which are very helpful. Each session brings not only an enormous
amount of positive energy but also a wealth of knowledge. I’m sincerely grateful to her,
because I’ve learned a lot being her client.
Eleonora B, New York, 2018